The Dream

I went to Israel the summer of 2015 on a mission trip with my synagogue. I had not beliefs about what this experience would be like. Matter of fact I had never even thought about going. But being the lover of travel that I am I couldn’t resist this adventure.

I spent two weeks in Israel. The first 5 days I was in tel aviv with my friend. I explored Tel Aviv and was fascinated with how much it reminded me of home, here in the bay area. The sunny weather and the clear green-blue water. Then I spent 7 days on my mission trip seeing the rest of the country. I explored the ports of Jaffa, ate a home cooked meal with a bedouin family in the Negev, explored Masada and visited the dead sea (I floated for the first time), and explored the depths of history in Jerusalem.

I fell in love with Israel, my future home on my one and only trip. Now I must admit to easily falling in love with new countries. When I visited Paris for the first time in 2013 I fell in love. When I visited Germany, Poland, and Amsterdam I fell in love. But my love of Israel is different. Just the feeling of belonging I get when I walked the streets not having to search for Kosher restaurants or being in fear as I walk into a synagogue, Israel is me.

So yes I am in love with Israel. I am making aliyah to Israel. When will be my aliyah date? I’m hoping and planning for January 1, 2017.

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