Autumn makes Aliyah: Part 1 is a website that handles everything for you. No headache or worry. I did not use terminal for pets because they are expensive and I need to save my money. I instead did it all by myself. Here is my journey. 

The minute I decided to make aliyah I knew I was bringing my fur baby, Autumn (Insert picture). I first bonded with my Autumn when I saw a photo of her on pet finder back in 2008. I emailed the man saying I was interested and he wrote right back. After work I drove almost two hours from Orange County CA to San Bernardino, CA. When I arrived at 3pm there was only two dogs left, my Autumn and her brother. I picked my Autumn and then left to get the cash. When I arrived her brother was gone. The man told me that someone came by wanting Autumn but he was saving her for me. Autumn and I stopped off at Petsmart (or Petco I don’t remember) and I bought her a bed, a leash, food, toys and treats. 

Fast forward past August 2015 where she was diagnosed with IMHA and almost died to when I set my mind to apply in January 2016, I began my research. I instantly became overwhelmed by the amount of information and put it off. Until today April 25, 2016. I decided to keep a chronicle of things to support other folks who want to make aliyah with their fur babies. 

Making the choice to bring your pet with you to make aliyah is tough. If your bonded to your baby then the thought of leaving them behind can be excruciating. At the same time the amount of preparation and money can make you question whether this is right. If you have a small dog or cat your baby can ride in their carrier under the seat. If your dog is more than 8kg or 18 pounds then you baby wont fit under the seat and has to ride in cargo. 

Now El Al has a separate space under the plane for dogs where they keep the light on and the temperature is controlled. That is nice and makes me feel less worried. But I feel bad leaving my baby under the plane by herself (unless there are other dogs riding in their kennels with her) for 14 hours non-stop. So they give recommendations such as walking your dog so they are tired and   not feeding them four hours before the flight and limiting water intake, yet your feeling as an owner that you are abandoning your baby are present and normal. Now for the preparation before the flight:

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