This is an update from the previous post: Ahh the Jewish Agency

I contacted my jewish agency representative today. I had to leave a message because their was no answer. Well she called me back hours later and the conversation was very pleasant. I asked her if my email made sense to which she said yes. I asked her if I completed everything I needed to and she said yes. She reminded me about the entry/exit form and then asked me about Ulpan. I let her know my choice and she was ok with that. She informed me that once I return from my pilot trip that the approval should go through quickly with no problems. I let her know how anxious I was that I had forgotten something or would be denied and she said no I was all good. She wished me a good pilot trip and told me to just focus on that piece. So all in all I feel more reassured. 

I am so proud that I moved into my fears and really explored what was driving that because if I didn’t there is no way I would’ve been able to call and get what I needed. Now I feel back on track. 

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