Pilot Trip Day 1

I’ve Decided from this point on to connect my pilot trip by days. With that said today is Sunday, which is my second day here. I’ve all ready written about some feelings that have been stirred up inside me since this adventure began. 

As I get ready for bed, I can’t help but be proud of my little accomplishment. I am in Tel Aviv and I need to get to Jerusalem tomorrow for a couple of meetings. I know nothing about riding the bus and I’m even less confident about my ability to speak and understand Hebrew. So I get on the internet and I start the process of trying to map and plan route. So my friend starts me off gives me the bus numbers I need and it’s up to me to do the rest. I search google and we argue because I spell the name of the street wrong and google acts like it doesn’t understand and cannot locate the address. That took about 10-15 minutes of negotiating before we figured ourselves out. 

Working backwards from my destination (Nefesh b’Nefesh in Jerusalem) I then figure out where it is from the proximity of the central bus station in Jerusalem. I discover that I have three options. 1) take bus number 54 which takes 17 minutes. 2) take the tram which takes 17 minutes or 3) walk which takes 25 minutes. I’m leaning towards walking for a couple reasons. 1) it’s cheaper 2)walking is a great way to get a feel for a city and 3) walking helps me feel oriented in new surroundings. 

So after figuring out how to get NBN from the bus station I then needed to figure out what bus from my friends would take me to the new central bus station in Tel Aviv (which would then take me to the central bus station in Jerusalem). Theres a cool app called called Moovit which helped me figure out how to do this and they also showed me the times the bus would be arriving. 

Lastly I searched for how much this would all cost so I could give as much exact change as possible. All in all I feel ready and prepared for tomorrow. I will bring my computer and write. But who knows I may be mesmerized by the whole thing and snap pictures. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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