Day 7

Typically on shabbat I take a day from social media and electronics (except music). I woke up early in Jerusalem and I felt restless. I did my morning prayers as I didn’t research any synagogues to go to today. Besides I’m so warn out from introducing myself to people that I wasn’t in the mood.
So I took a walk. I am still on the hunt for an apartment. I was proud of myself as I walked thinking I knew where I was. I initially thought that I would forgo the gps but I used it to get back and yet I still ended up walking farther than I intended. As I walked I continued to think about how much I miss home and how easy it would be to stay. I mean I like driving places and well getting a job would be no problem. Making aliyah is truly hard.
But as I continued to walk I keep envisioning my future children walking down the street speaking Hebrew on our way to our synagogue or walking them to their gan. That’s what keeps me going. I realized that it really is important for me to bring as much of my stuff from home as possible. I didn’t want to spend the money on a lift but I see how practical this will be. Having that sense of comfort will make things easier.
Another thought I had was that in Israel the wages are a lot lower. I do wonder if this is so because people do not demand more or if it has to do with a language barrier (or of course a combination of both). Why is it that people with masters degrees make so little money here? Why do teachers only make about $2,500 a month here? As a therapist how much can I make? What would happen if I asked/demanded that I make a livable wage as a therapist here?

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