Day 8

I went for a walk around Jerusalem this morning and I got to see the Talpiyot and Arnona neighborhoods. I really liked Talpiyot it reminded me of my childhood in the UC Berkeley Village. The apartments wont little parks and people with their children all around. I saw an apartment there that I really wanted but when I contacted the number listed the realtor said it was a 3 bedroom and had tow balconies. As nice as that would be it would definitely be too big. The cool thing was that he had a one bedroom in Rehavia available so I scheduled a time to see it tomorrow.
When I got on fb to continue to apartment hunt I received a message form someone I messaged about room mating with a while back. Well her message was short and curt and for some reason it ticked me off. I’ve had a couple people I reached out too for room mating because they had dogs and they were also looking. Then when I reach out they act funny. They say they found someone else (yet post again like 2 hours later that they are looking) or they say they don’t want to live with a dog, yet they have a dog. So it’s a good thing I decided not to go the roommate route because if it’s this annoying to find a roommate then it probably would not be good. Besides I like living alone.
I took the busied up to Beit Shemesh today to meet with two therapists who are here in Israel. On my way I was surrounded by Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox jews. Men in black suits and women with wigs and head scarves. It’s great that these people have found a home in Israel, thats really what having a Jewish state is a ll about. Any way up the mountain to Beit Shemesh was very pretty. It reminded me of parts of California outside the major cities. It was very clean nd cute. Very family oriented and filled with Anglos.
In meeting with the two different therapists in Beit Shemesh I learned a lot about the Israeli criminal justice with regards to perpetrators of child sexual abuse. As i talked I thought about how much I missed working with children and childhood trauma. How I missed talking with colleagues about their cases and different family dynamics. It’s been so long and yet it all came back to me. This meeting really reinforced my desire to work as a therapist here in Israel.
So tomorrow I have a meeting with the coordinator at a clinic here in Israel. I didn’t really think much of it when it was first arranged but now I’m ready to kill it. I’m ready to put my therapy skills to work here in Israel. The one thing that concerns me is the pay. I know how much I need to live on here in Israel and I’m a little afraid that the pay will not be enough. I have it in my mind to ask about salary and then see what would happen if I asked/demanded for more.

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