Autumn makes Aliyah Part 4

The pick up from the airport was rough. I accidentally walked past Autumn as she lay in in her crate and she started barking like a mad dog. She had been in there for about 18 hours and she had to pee and she was hungry-poor thing.I got my luggage, and needed to carts to take care of it. She barked as I tried to get all my bags. She barked as we walked through the airport to the taxi area. She barked up until I let her out of the kennel and she could use the bathroom. 

The taxi driver was nice and let Autumn stay outside of her kennel as we road from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. She was quiet for the most part and she looked really confused as we drove. Overall I think she did very well, and my heart just melted for her knowing she had that long as ride.

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