Happy Aliyahversary and Other Random Musings

Wow things have been crazy for me. Lots of stress and questioning myself and my decisions. When things don’t go as we planned or hope we can do it ourselves and thats where I was. As my first year living in Israel came to a close I was confronted with past demons that I thought I had stayed. I discovered that I had lost myself which in turn left me with a lack of motivation and hope that my situation would improve. Forced to be vulnerable and ask for help, I learned something about the power and importance of having an emotional support system. Although I frequently tell y clients this, and help them build support, its interesting that I had forgotten about my own.

As I reflected at the closing of the year I realized I had to stop running. I had to stop avoiding the hard stuff (finances) and fully embrace all that life has to offer. I looked back on all the reasons I decided to make Aaliyah and forced myself to confront all the toxic behaviors and thoughts about what I deserve which were holding me back. In this I dedicated myself to reconnecting with friends and family, making sure that I made them a priority and not work. I also forced myself to make my health and eating well more of a priority than I hand over the course of the past year. I found my bucket list and my goals list that I created back in 2014 which changed my life and looked at all that I had accomplished.

Sometimes when we are in the thick of things its easy to see all of our short comings and to feel like we haven’t accomplished much, and thats how I was feeling. Especially when things were not going as planned. But by sitting down and really hashing out my finances (and realizing that I was better off than I thought) and connecting to loved ones, I was in a great place.

Finally by creating a plan for transitioning out of my full time job so that I can fully focus on my business I felt more positive about being an entrepreneur which I think G-d heard as I finally booked my first client (and after receiving three total inquiries in a week which is the most I’ve had since starting out).

So I write this blog on my second birthday here in my home of Tel Aviv (well technically I’m on the bus but you know semantics) I am grateful for my wonderful family back in the states who love me unconditionally, support me emotionally and financially (thanks mom), and who can always make me laugh. To my good friends who live all over the states I just love you all and the families your creating (can’t wait to see all the new babies in the summer G-d willing) and for putting up with me when I was in self doubt mode. Lifting me up and reminding me of my value. And finally to my new friends (and old) here in Israel I love getting to know you and being able to come to you for help with Hebrew or just words of encouragement, especially those who made aliyah from the states.

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