A New Beginning

This gem will be a little short but I felt an update was needed. It’s been a little over a month since I wrote last and so much has happened. The biggest thing is that I gave notice to the gan. I will be leaving May 31st and jumping full time into my business at that point. Since I have made this announcement I have received so much support from friends and family and it’s very exciting. I have ramped up my marketing efforts and I’m just giving it my all in a very different way than before. It feels really good to be taking this next step in my business and in life.

So at this time I am laser focused on building my business and helping people. I did a Reddit AMA which was incredibly rewarding where I was live answering peoples questions about therapy and psychology. I had fun and it was nice to just talk shop. I went to a networking event and met with English speaking therapists here in Israel and again it was nice to just talk shop and be amongst my peers.

As I have started shifting my priorities I have felt that many wonderful things are happening and opening up for me. I have felt more happy and energized this past month than I have in quite some time and I just want it to continue.

If your interested in learning more about my practice check out my website at: https://jessicalangtherapy.com


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